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The Museum hences through the work and family life of Carl Gustav and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach and their children. The representative rooms and studies as well as the smaller chambers and private quarters not only give an impression of C.G. and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach’s activities, they also tell of the family’s interests, preferences and pastime and, in a more general sense, of life in those days.

The rooms on the lower level offer insight into the Jung family’s everyday life. Here is where the family life took place, where the children spent time with their parents and the daily routine unfolded. Meals were served in the large dining room, coffee in the lounge. Downstairs the family played games and spent time with each other; in the rooms facing the lake C.G. Jung received visitors from all parts of the world. The porch offers a view of the well-tended garden landscape and provides space for the memorabilia C.G. Jung collected on his travels to the more distant parts of the world.

The work and study rooms are located on the upper floor. C.G. Jung’s extensive library has been left almost untouched, paying reference to Jung’s phenomenal erudition as well as his varied and profound research interests. The entire stock of books is now owned and maintained by the Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung, Zurich. The antechamber where his private patients would wait to be received by Jung has been recreated in almost its original form. Here he greeted his patients before accompanying them to the adjacent study room, which, too, has been kept almost untouched. His desk looks as if he had just stood up and left the room for a moment.


It is not we who have secrets, it is the real secrets that have us.

Collected works, Vol. 10, § 886