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Foundation C.G. Jung Küsnacht

The Foundation C.G. Jung Küsnacht is the body responsible for the Museum C.G. Jung House. It was established in 2002 with the statuary aim of keeping alive the memory of the physician and explorer of the human soul, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and that of his wife and associate, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach (1882-1955), of documenting their life, work and living environment, and of advancing and further developing Jungian psychology.

Through his professional career and his scholarly publications, C.G. Jung, came into contact with innumerable people around the world. But also in and around Küsnacht and Zurich, the Jung-Rauschenbach family had a large circle of friends. Thus the house on the Lake of Zurich has global resonance as well as local significance. The C.G. Jung House addresses people who wish to engage with the life and work of C.G. and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach, learn about the family history and concern themselves with Jungian psychology.

Foundation board

Lorenz Homberger, chairman
Susanne Eggenberger-Jung, vice-chairwoman
Martin H. Bidermann
Irene Gerber
Judith Harris
Cathrine Jung-Lanter
Sabina Merk
Manager: Sandra Hügli-Jost


Curator: Eva Middendorp-Meier

Mission statement (PDF)



Picture credits
Welcome page: Andreas Jung, Küsnacht
Historical pictures: Jung family archives, Küsnacht
All the rest of them: Alex Troehler, Zürich