The Museum  

The former residence of Carl Gustav and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach is a place of remembrance of extraordinary presence. The house as well as the gardens bear the distinctive signature of C.G. Jung and reflect significant facets of his personality. The couple’s estate has thankfully always remained in the possession of their descendants and been passed down from children to grandchildren who have maintained the house, its interiors and the surrounding gardens with great love and care, thus preserving the place’s unique character.

Thanks to a generous donation and goodwill on the part of the Jung family, in particular of Andreas and Vreni Jung, the Foundation C.G. Jung Küsnacht, established in 2002, was able to take over and refurbish the residence with the invaluable help of the current inhabitants. The house was gently modernized and the gardens were restored true to the original design, taking great care that the memory of C.G. Jung and his family lives on.

After the Jung-Gerber family had ceded a part of the building for the purpose of hosting a museum, the Foundation set out to realize a long-cherished wish, namely to open up the house including the representative rooms along with the garden and its many enchanted nooks and crannies to an interested public and thus provide a better understanding of the life and work of C.G. Jung and his family. With this in mind, the former house of C.G. Jung was transformed into a “small but exquisite” museum in 2017. Interested persons and groups can now visit the estate, which is both a scholarly house as well as a domestic museum, granting visitors a sense of the hospitality of C.G. and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach and allowing them to catch a glimpse of their scholarly and family life. Hopefully, the house will become a place of encounter and exchange in the spirit of C.G. Jung.